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Distress Humanitarian assistance for Emmaunuela Suiy shot by Paul Biya’s forces.

A distress Humanitarian call to assist the family of this little girl Emmanuela Suiy from Kikaikelaki whose situation is very critical as the bullet by La Rep’s military forces went right into her brain and needs serious surgery:

Emmanuela Suiy is one of the civilians shot amongst other women in Kikaikelaki the village of Cardinal Tume at wai Ngoylum on the 18th of June 2029: She is also amongst those referred to Mbingo hospital as the situation was very critical: The mother seen in the video with her daughter has exhausted all financial means as her financial background is very very challenging : The mother’s name is Evelyne Moye and can be reached on +237 672474759:

Please do call to give this family hope and assist in a little we can to give this little girl Emmanuela the surgery and chance to live: Her crime is that she went to the market square in Kikaikelaki and being a southern Cameroonian, she was shot by Biya’s military terrorists that have no respect for human lives : Although the world or call it International community has endorsed Biya’s Genocide in Southern Cameroons ? We shall endeavor to give hope to our children and defend our homeland: SM

Dr. Ayaba condemns the UN Security Council and other EU Diplomatic missions




Dr. Cho Ayaba

I find the reactions of the German, US, UK missions a disgrace in the face of the reality and gravity of the situation reflected in the Norwegian Refugee Council and Policy brief reports. After 57 years of betrayal and almost 4 years of intense brutality by a foreign country insisting to control Ambazonia; after 4 years of thousands killed, hundreds of thousands displaced, hundreds of villages burnt amidst continuous intransigence by the occupier to talk itself out of our country, our people expect a more robust and realistic reflection of their reality in the reports of these missions. The world must understand that they brought us here and have sat by and watched genocide being committed on our people and they have failed woefully to reign in Cameroun or invoke relevant international instruments to protect our people or ease their suffering.

We will not sit by and succumb or renege on our solemn obligation to protect the lives and dignity of our people within a territorial space that is free and independent and an embodiment of our dreams, aspirations, norms and values. Ambazonians will continue to fight until the world wakes up, confront this evil and recognises Ambazonia as a free, sovereign and independent nation.

Dr Cho Ayaba

President AGOVC

All Ambazonians should contribute for the struggle


By Chris Anu

I have made this appeal to our County and LGA leaders and will continue to make it. Some select people should not continue to endure the burden of 8million Ambazonians. The moment has come, the time is now – we must make sure every Ambazonian pays for this war. The War Draft is going on but there are many out there who remain indifferent. They want others to sacrifice and pay for it while they maintain their neutrality. They will at the end of the struggle, come to table and dine with those who paid for it as if they both participated in funding it. At this moment, this must not be allowed to continue. Let’s bring an end to it.

County and LGA leaders should right now start keeping records of which family in their community is paying or not paying for the war. A register should be kept for those sacrificing so that when we arrive home, those who did not sacrifice or support the Struggle are made to quadruple the back payments. And I will here suggest that should sloppy County or LGA leaders not get engaged in this, fund paying members of the LGA should make them to or demand that they step-down.
This draft is going directly to the communities and not to the Interim Gov’t. That means if you have an ax to grind with the IG, or does not like the IG and don’t want to give your funds to it, you should not have any reason at all not to support your immediate county or LGA. Whether you support the war or not, whether you like the conduct of the war or not, this is about our collective tomorrow, everyone must be seen to be paying for it.

It will take time to develop an effective data system in which names of families supporting the struggle in every County and LGA are entered. But that must start with this draft and then perfected as we make progress. The Eritreans thought us that this is effective. Let’s learn from those who have walked the same path that we now tread. Records, Records, Records, please!!!
While the records are being taken, the Restoration Council should get to work and work out the amount of redemption that the neutralists and non-conformists are made to pay once Buea is no longer a project.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you agree with this articulation, please join me, and let’s push it to the end. We cannot continue to watch people who will reap from our collective Struggle continue sitting on the fence and hoping some people pay for their own destiny.

President Paul Biya carries another massacre in Mbokam- Jakiri killing at least 11 civilians

Mbokam- Jakiri LGA : From Ngarbuh Massacre to Mbokam Massacre 12-06-20
At least 11 civilians have been massacred and some homes razed down in Mbokam a farming locality in Jakiri Dzekwa LGA, Bui County Southern Cameroons:

We are told these people were rounded up at the market square while going on with their Normal activities : We got intelligence of their planned genocide and reported yet the civilians were trapped as they tried to escape from all exists in vain. They attacked from multiple fronts Including Koutaba and Jakiri.

The world is yet to come in terms with the Ngarbuh massacre and here comes another one women included in Mbokam – Jakiri . Yet we see vehicles of UN parading the region giving the barbaric regime of Paul Biya the go ahead to slaughter civilians like goats : We are now able to get some of the gruesome images as some these Biya terrorists are still shooting indiscriminately with the hope of adding to the already 11 killed :

We urge the world to Stand up now for the freedom of Southern Cameroons and fight as one man just as we stood against the injustices against George Floyd : All lives matter:

Shey Tatah Sevidzem

UN team to Kumbo, Ndop and Bamenda says Cameroon military are the problem

Ngoketunjia- Northern Zone Southern Cameroons. The Ambazonian Restoration forces for Ngoketunjia proved their professionalism in a brief interview with the UN team on the ground as they admitted the atrocities of Cameroon Military:

The team returning from Kumbo and with a smile the UN leader appreciated the professionalism expressed by the restoration forces who politely asked for their permission to pose few questions:

In all honesty, the UN team did not mince word to say they were never disturbed by any Ambazonian forces from Bamenda to Kumbo and back but for the disturbance from the Biya’s military:

We hope that this team got the message and facts for themselves and would be able to push for justice as soon as possible : SM