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Kumbo Horse Race Back to Track

The Kumbo Horse Race used to be one of the annual event that made news in the national territory likewise the Ngonso Festival. Some 25 to 30 years, the race was organized by the Guinness company and this did not only make Kumbo known but also broght the Mbororos out of their isolated camps. The economy used to boom as these Mbororos could spend every dime they saved for this event.


Of recent not much has been talked about the race especially since Guinness left the management and control of it. Others tried but were not very successful, maybe because of the cost it entails. One thing remained in people’s mind was the description of the winner. It was always and usually a little boy that won. One very conservative was called Shaidou…

Kumbo horse race

This year’s horse race switching name from Kumbo Horse Race to Bui Horse Race was organized thanks to the visit of The city of La crosse in the USA by the Kumbo council to give their counterparts another entertaining event that could keep an indelible mark on their minds as they departed Kumbo today. The event met with the Whole Bui Administration attending, Four councils Kumbo, Jakiri  Nkum and Oku fully participating in the Bui horse race., members of parliaments and other dignitaries. Images and more info was offered by Shitu Adamou who covered the colorful event into its entity.

This gave room for speeches from the various stakeholders and Invitees. The Mbororo community could be seen jovial especially as the ladies had the freedom to express their joy through dancing and other forms of entertainment.

The Men on their part exhibited their culture as Lee Rache, the head of delegation from La Crosse to Kumbo council was  honoured during the race at the Tobin municipal stadium by the Mbororo community as WAJIRI of the Mbororo community in USA.

The Horse Race proper was met with many challenges as the competition was tough with as many contesters as possible. Interestingly the interest shown by the young ones moved the crowd as they cheered and supported them.

It should be noted that the Race is sponsored by the following , Tadu Dairy 500,000frs, Kumbo council 250,000frs, and assisted by  Jakiri & Nkum Councils, PMUC 100,000frs each. At the semi finals stage, 20 horses participated with 13 from Jakiri sub division, 5 from kumbo central and 2 from Nkum. The finals saw 9 from Jakiri and one from kumbo central. The first three winners were all from jakiri sub division.

Although or maybe the prizes are the the pulling force, one can lament that an event of such magnitude with such sponsors, a little more could be done to elevate the prizes coupled with the risks, distance and other costs incurred. The 1st went with a cash prize of 150,000frs, carton of savon and a school bag. the 2nd prize was  100,000frs with same items and the 3rd with 75,000frs and same items. The last seven went home with can amount  of 25,000frs and a school bag each. These prizes were handed by the Bui administration, The visitors  from La crosse, Mayors and MP’s respectively .


Shey Tatah Sevidzem (Wo Scandy)

and Shitu Adamou









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The NSODA Enlarged National Executive Meeting held in NKONGSAMBA  Saturday the 11th day of April 2015


After fruitful discussions that lasted close to four hours and bringing together over 80 participants from 20 branches of NSODA, resolved as follows:

  1. The NSODA Emblems: To really feel belonging, all branches and members and individual members should acquire copies of NSODA emblems such as; membership cards, constitutions, magazine, etc. The new membership cards are valid for five years.
  2. Nso Cultural Identity: To promote and market our cultural identity, Lamnso should be the working language at all Nso cultural meetings; similarly, the wearing of cultural and befitting attire at meetings was highly recommended.
  3. The running of NSODA secretariat: To support the national executive bureau to meet up with their numerous expenses, the following amounts were finally agreed on; all home branches to pay annual levies of CFA 20.000 francs, sub-divisional branches at least CFA 30.000francs, divisional branches – at least CFA 50.000 francs, Regional branches – at least CFA 100.000 francs, and the Diaspora – at least CFA 200.000 francs.
  4. Media coverage: The enlarged exco congratulated the NSODA executive bureau following its efforts to bring the well listened CRTV program – Morning Safari to Nso to talk about Nso and exhorted them to bring more of such programs and also to invite other news media to further widen the audience.
  5. Projects Committee: Proposed list of members for the various projects committees and their terms of reference were read out and some amendments were made on them. Six of such committees were identified for the six on-going projects. Each committee could co-opt more members to join.
  6. General Assembly Meeting: The next NSODA General Assembly Meeting was moved from the month of July to October 2015 for fear of rains and to allow branches time to meet up with financial obligations. This assembly shall amongst other things draw up an annual budget for the next financial year.
  7. Management of NSODA funds: The national executive bureau was congratulated for taking practical steps to ensure transparent management of NSODA resources and budgetary allocations, and at the same time calling on them to continue in this same light.
  8. Council of Elders: The role of the council of elders was outlined as a consultative organ of NSODA and a proposed list of members of this council was read out. More members should be co-opted into the list.
  9. NSODA and branch meetings: All NSODA branches were exhorted to always include NSODA matters into the agenda of their meetings to better sensitize members and keep them current about our projects.
  10. Vacant and dormant positions in the national exco: Branches were requested to propose more members to fill vacant and dormant positions in the NSODA national executive bureau since the Bamenda exco meeting; some of whom are still inactive. The exco was then called upon to propose and replace all the inactive national executive members and report in the next general assembly meeting for confirmation.
  11. Football competitions: Branches were encouraged to organize football competitions at branch level so that only the winners will compete at annual end-of-year festivals in December, and this to improve on the quality of the competition.
  12. Detractors: That all detractors, who in one way or the other are tarnishing the good image of NSODA in the various branches, be identified and called to order. In future, they shall be identified and denounced publicly.
  13. Next meeting: That the next enlarged exco meeting shall take place in Ndop on the 25th of July 2015.