Chief Nfon Mukete dies at 103

Kumba – Meme County 10-04-21

Obituary: Chief Nfon Victor Mukete is no more

He had the chance to make things right at 100 when he took over the senate floor with his staff of office and ask for a debate on the “Anglophone crisis “ but no one listened to him: He did not do the honorable thing to resign but kept on with the dictatorial regime until his last breath at 103:
God gave him many opportunities to make things right especially when he was seriously sick but survived it :
Yesterday Prof. Mendo Ze died and CRTV was quick to announce but nothing said about you because you are Southern Cameroonian : We are always nothing to them and even if they will do anything, it is always at the last moment which is not genuine : You have lived a fulfilled life with bonuses ; time to retire with the Lord : As A King, you are my father and boss as well : Fare thee well Mighty Monarch .
Shey Tatah (SM)

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