Constant military barbarism for a week and counting in Kumbo

Bamkikai & Mbve – Kumbo 17-11-19: For close to a week now and daily, The Cameroon colonial forces have been out shooting, fighting, looting, breaking into homes and burning down properties in Kumbo:

Today, they were bent on going back to the Kikaikelaki- Tarkijah axis where they had a fierce battle yesterday with Bui warriors of the ADF extraction but were stopped by collaborative forces of IG and Independent groups of the ASC/IG under the leadership of Field Marshal Charcha.

They met with stiff road block at the end of tar- St. Augustine’s Junction Bamkikai but were unable to clear the block. This punctured their plan as they shot sporadically with no response from the Warriors.
Frustratingly, they decided to go through Mbve and shot indiscriminately towards Brasseries company and quarter. Bui warriors FM and his team awaited for them and a heavy battle took place.

We do not have casualties from the side of the military terrorists yet but one of the warriors was slightly wounded in the leg.
The battle has not ended as la Rep forces are insistent of going to K4 and Tarkijah to avenge the yesterday’s visit.
The forces of law and disorder of Biya say they shall terrorize the Bui people daily until they accept the outcome of the National Dialogue and allow elections to take place.

The warriors on their part are calling for the population to collaborate with them, assist them and give them the maximum support to stop this barbarism and atrocities melted on our people by the regime and its terrorists.

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