Did Biya kill thousands in Ambazonia just to eliminate the position of government delegate ?

The echoes from the on going Cameroon ?? Major National Dialogue are still far fetched and might end up in causing more harm than good as the position of the regime remains unchanged; they are providing decentralization as the solution and nothing else:

Following the topics presented in the program, with no room for proposals, even a blind could conclude that the agenda and resolutions were already in place and the only concession the regime can offer to resolve the crisis that has taken the lives of thousands , burnt hundreds of villages, brought misery and pain, destruction and uncompensated loss etc is Decentralization:

A participant from that committee says at least 70% of those in decentralization committee have opted for at least a federation which will not even be accepted by the Ambazonians who are for outright independence, that those moderating and leading the committee are frustrating any other idea contrary to the agenda they had in place, as such many have now confirmed the conference to be a monologue than a dialogue as no new ideas can be accepted:

The only adjustment that seem to be welcome is the scraping out the position of a Government Delegate that came to suppress the role of the Mayor and form a role to be played by a city Mayor elected by the people:

The million dollar question now is, would the regime had to kill thousands and cause all sorts of atrocities to scrape the position of a government delegate as a means to implement decentralization? This is the more reason many boycotted the dialogue but for Jean Jacques Ekindi who was brought back maybe to avoid more criticisms. As such we at the Scandy Media platform can see that the dialogue has failed upon arrival :

Shey Tatah Sevidzem

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