Did Senator Fon Lekunze speak on behalf of Lebialem Fons it himself ?

Lebialem Fons start distance selves from Fon Lekunze statement.

A cross section of Lebialem Fons have categorically refuted claims that restoration forces have desecrated their palaces or inflicted harm on their subjects. They say they left their palaces when the LRC military invaded their land.

Speaking on conditions of anonymity since most of them are now resident in LRC, they lambasted the communique signed by the CPDM senator, Fon Lekunze of Bamumbo.

According the Fon GY from Wabane, He left his palace and village after the LRC soldiers stormed his palace and stole his two pigs and five goats after they saying they were searching for Amba fighters. He said he was later accused of sponsoring the boys. According to him, he later found out the false information was given by a neighboring Fon with whom he had a farmland dispute.

Another Fon who did not also like to be named said Lekunze should allow them in peace. He said he can never sign that type of document. He said Lekunze wanted them to signed but they refused and said since he is president od Lebialem Don’s conference he should sign instead “Abeg na CPDM thing make na CPDM man signam” He said he was very pleased when Fon Lekunze did not insist that they all sign.

Fon A. from Alou subdivision said “see me trouble ohh. I be poor chief they want take my name make them money” “You see my name for the document? You see my signature?” He asked laughingly. “My hands them dey clean.” “My conscience over dey clear” He added. He explained that the document carried nothing but the wishes and aspirations of the person that signed it.

It would seem the CPDM senator who is also the Fon of Bamumbo did his act with few so called CPDM elites who want LRC soldiers to continue their carnage in the county.

On their part the Red Dragons are promising to hunt the new LRC SDO to the gates of hell he dares come to their area of operations. They say they believe new LRC administrator has already booked his hotel room in neighboring Dschang like his immediate predecessor.

Atembeh Joshua

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