Disagreement and misunderstanding led to the dead of one Bui warrior during evacuation around Ndop.

Mboliv – Nseh Nkum LGA 23-11-19

A disagreement between the Mboliv deputy commander and his superior turns out bloody as the physical confrontation led to injuries and later dead of this warrior.

The warrior after sustaining injuries was rushed to BBH but later advised that he be evacuated to Mbingo Hospital died on the way in Ngoketunjia morning of Saturday 23-11-19:

His demise has angered other forces who could not control themselves but went to Nseh to retaliate by burning down at least 6 houses belonging to suspects and relatives.

The situation is tense despite that there is another battle in Mbiame which has occupied the mind of Field Marshal Charcha who is expected to quit the battle to go to Nkum to try resolving the problem. Can FM alone be able to do this without the support of all?

This is happening barely a day a similar incident took place at Gwvem in Jakiri LGA but God avoided the many casualties:

This is coming at the time Bui County announced some changes at the Legion command where the has not yet been installed and given the baton to lead:

It is our hope that the new Captain be made known to the warriors as soon as possible to fill the vacant as the former has been promoted to the post of a General military/Security consultant .

Many have argued that such a change should have been communicated to the warriors and their minds prepared so they could have known where to channel their grievances for solutions than to have allowed the forces to battle it out amongst themselves:

The situation should handled immediately to introduce and install the new one officially to avert the impending doom hovering in Bui due to this vacuum.
we want to congratulate the former Captain for his new position and to pray that he plays a positive role to assist the new during the transitional period and be of great assistance:

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