Distress Humanitarian assistance for Emmaunuela Suiy shot by Paul Biya’s forces.

A distress Humanitarian call to assist the family of this little girl Emmanuela Suiy from Kikaikelaki whose situation is very critical as the bullet by La Rep’s military forces went right into her brain and needs serious surgery:

Emmanuela Suiy is one of the civilians shot amongst other women in Kikaikelaki the village of Cardinal Tume at wai Ngoylum on the 18th of June 2029: She is also amongst those referred to Mbingo hospital as the situation was very critical: The mother seen in the video with her daughter has exhausted all financial means as her financial background is very very challenging : The mother’s name is Evelyne Moye and can be reached on +237 672474759:

Please do call to give this family hope and assist in a little we can to give this little girl Emmanuela the surgery and chance to live: Her crime is that she went to the market square in Kikaikelaki and being a southern Cameroonian, she was shot by Biya’s military terrorists that have no respect for human lives : Although the world or call it International community has endorsed Biya’s Genocide in Southern Cameroons ? We shall endeavor to give hope to our children and defend our homeland: SM

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