Djottin village in Bui heavily militarized by Biya’s forces

Djottin – Noni LGA Bui County 16-07-22
Dozens of civilians have been arrested since 4am and being taken to one building where the smoke is spotted .

We are yet to know if the cause of the smoke is where they are preparing their meals but many civilians are said to have been abducted and will possible be paying heavy ransoms as usual .
We keep advising our civilian population to run away from these thugs and coupled with the fact that we alerted them a day before this invasion is no excuse to claim they were trapped .
The Unity warriors have acted professionally by not shooting nor attacking yet as these civilians are used as shields 🛡:

We learnt these military are in their numbers and are part of the consignment that came in through Oku.
The Unity warriors General for Noni has assured us that they are ready to act as soon as civilians are freed . The stakes are high in Bui as 5 more military vehicles came in yesterday through Jakiri . If any of these military should survive the attacks as the warriors have been prepared then they would have a right to do Thanksgiving. SM

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