Dr. Cho Ayaba says Cameroon will be taken off Ambazonia by 2020

My fellow Ambazonians


Our plan is to knock Cameroun off balance by end of January 2020. It’s a blueprint masterplan that will give us recognition. Cameroun is now bankrupt. We have received the secret document to that effect. SONARA will not be up even in 3 years and Cameroun has no money to import fuel. Our strategy of economic sabotage is now achieved with a success rate of 75%. October 1 confirmed what I have repeatedly said about DYNAMIC control. We announced that we had achieved international Contenderhood and you saw the change in the way we were treated within international circles We must now take a bold, decisive action that will put Cameroun into a comma and help us transition into an Ambazonia Governing Structure.

We have made some mistakes with the Swiss Initiative. Mistakes that gave Biya and Cameroun a breathing space with its so-called National Monologue. Our posture going forward must demonstrate strength, maturity and a deep understanding of the international system. We must now focus on upgrading and strengthening the grip of our forces within our communities. As we work to take over, we must help our communities in areas of education. In the coming days, I will publish an Ambazonia Curriculum of Education and guides that will help Community teachers. We must begin to support our communities in the areas of health infrastructures. The bold and ambitious plan will rewrite the book of revolutionary strategies and should usher in new dawn

You must become a grassroots mobilizer. From next week we will provide 10.000 Ambazonia Chest Pins. You should own a piece of your country on the left chest and close to your heart. I will be speaking directly to thousands of Ambazonians, addressing hundreds of grassroots groups and meeting up with others. Attend grassroot initiatives. Join us in Washington on Friday, November 1, Malmo Sweden, Saturday 16 and in different Community sectors around Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Capetown.

Fellow compatriots,

To gain independence from an occupier, you need a plan. To gain recognition from the international system, you also need a plan. To get both systems to respect your state as an equal within the context of the international community of nations, you also need a plan. You have to design the plan. Never allow the opponent or the international system to lure you into their plan. They want peace, stability, and predictability for their interest and not yours. Our plan is bold and ambitious, and we can close the chapter of this story and give our people a free and independent country.

Dr. Cho Ayaba

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