Dr. Samuel I. Sako installed as IG President of Ambazonia in the USA.

Dr. Sako Ikome Samuel who until Wednesday the 20th of November was the Acting President AIP was sworn in as Interim President of Ambazonia :

His appointment came following the announcement by the Restoration Council last June impeaching President Sisiku how has been sentenced to life imprisonments at the Cameroon military dungeon.

There was a fuse between Dr. Sako and Sisiku over the list of cabinet members which led to serious disagreement breaking the IG into two which seems to have remained so as Sisiku has his own Cabinet with Yerima Dabney as Vice President.

Sako in his inaugural speech also confirmed his own Vice President and cabinet . He pledged to work towards the unity of all and enumerated a series of successes achieved during his rule as AIP. He promises to be the last to quit the struggle:

what concerned Scandy media most was the plight of those in jail which Sako did pledge to fight for them. Only shall their release reveal who really the monster is:

Scandy media analyst

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