First CPDM MP to talk against decentralization at the Major National Dialogue

Hon. Fritz Ngeka Etoke, Cpdm MP for fako East has made his position clear to the decentralisation committee at the ongoing national inclusive dailogue that his people want a 10 states federation and not decentralisation.

He started by appologising to the people for not haven spoken in Parliament by saying that the MP’s were supposed to have discussed the anglophone crisis in Parliament . He has being clamouring for an inclusive dialogue since two years now and said he can’t let go such an opportunity to let the commission know the aspirations of his people. He stated clearly that the constitution of 18th January 1996 has failed us for 23 Years and the solution to the Anglophone crisis will only be Federalism,with the NOSO being given special status.He continued that the root causes of this Anglophone crisis should be properly examined, because if well done all the other institutional problems will be taken care of.He advised the committee heads to send as the number one proposal to the head of state that the people want federalism .

Richard MM

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