Dear African Organizations and NGOs.

Please Spread to all African networks in The Nordic

Africa Europe Development Platform (AEDP) is planning to hold a training and networking event in Denmark in late November  24th to 26th which will target the Nordic region. We very much welcome your input into this event. 

The Forum will comprise of the following:

• Training of African Diaspora-Development Organisations (ADDOs)

• Exhibition Showcasing Best Practice in Diaspora – Development

• Dialogue Between ADDOs and Mainstream Development Agencies


AEDP’s mission is to ‘improve and enhance the capacity and impact of the African diaspora 

organisations that are involved in development activities in Africa’. This mission is pursued 

through delivery of services to diaspora organisations and individuals in Europe and Africa. In 

particular, AEDP will help diaspora organisations in the EU, Switzerland and Norway to:

• Optimise their development engagement in Africa 

• Professionalise their organisations and activities 

• Create effective partnerships in Europe and Africa 

• Expand and improve their development activities in Africa 

• Influence the policy and practice of development cooperation

AEDP is funded for 2014-17 by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and the 

European Commission. Further funding is being sought from other donors. AEDP emerged out of a 

Europe-wide pilot project that ran from 2010 to 2013, which was funded by the European Commission 

with co-funding from SDC, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Deutsche Gesellshaft fϋr 

Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH. 

AEDP will partner with the Host Organization Africa Denmark Diaspora Rally (ADDR) an Organization that aims at providing a platform for Other Organizations in Denmark. 



The Forum can be attended on two criteria; AEDP Sponsor & Self Sponsor:

AEDP would be looking to cover the expenses (travel, accommodation) for 25-30 delegates drawn from Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden who meet the following criteria (so 5-7 per country).  Plus there may be scope for additional delegates who self-sponsor.

DDF Sponsorship Criteria for Delegates

Criteria for DDF sponsorship
Delegates from Nordic Countries:
– Aged 18-35 (desirable)
– Working for/ Representing ADDOs based in Nordic states either a) with experience of, and currently delivering development initiatives in Africa; or b) with developed, tangible plans to implement such initiatives in the future (essential)
– Interest in network-building and engagement with policy-makers and practitioners (essential)
– No prior engagement with AEDP (desirable)
– Good level of English or French (essential)
– CV and references (essential)
Self-sponsored delegates
A number of places for self-sponsored delegates from the Nordic countries could be opened up to the following groups:
– African diaspora entrepreneurs based in Denmark, Norway, Finland, or Sweden with business links to Africa
– Postgraduate students in business, development studies, or similar relevant discipline
Self-sponsored delegates should also meet the following criteria:
– Aged 18-35 (desirable)
– Interest in network-building and engaging with policy-makers and practitioners (essential)
– No prior engagement with AEDP (desirable)
– Good level of English or French (essential)

– CV and references (essential)

NB: For Those in the Nordic Countries Kindly Send you applications, CVs & References to 
Paul Asquith,
Shey Tatah:,


For details about the AEDP visit

Shey Tatah For Africa Europe Development Platform (AEDP)

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