GCE Catch up Classes or FENASCO Games Scam or Reality?

The Two Communiques from the Ministry of Secondary Education and that of the Ministry of Sports are either contradictory or confusing. The Ministers are asking GCE students to use the Easter Holidays as a catch up period for their classes, while at the same time Organizing FENASCO B & A Games in the  Regions at the same period.

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Fenasco games are usually organized during holidays to make sure that students who are participating do not miss classes while sacrificing on behalf of the schools with their talents. That is why if the games are scheduled during school periods, classes are suspended until the athletes return.

This is no longer the case from the communiques issued by the Minister of Secondary education and that of Sports have been received as a scam by some and confusing to others especially as the launching that was expected to take place today in Bamenda is now being displayed on the CRTV text as Buea.  What was supposed to take place in Bamenda today despite threats of ghost town has been shifted to Monday the 3rd of April.

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Many now question if the confusion in dates and venue is as a result of “April Fool” or strategy for the Government to get mercenaries to participate in the place of the students. Many wonder why a budget of 500 Million shall again be squandered for 4 days for an activity that has not been planned and prepared for. Schools have been deserted for close to 6 months and yet one wonders when the competition took place at the divisional Levels before arriving at the Regional and National. As we write, CRTV is reporting that thousands of students are going for Easter holidays as they visit travel agencies. Why should others be deprived of this same luxury?

Bihbara Richard questions if the GCE has been reduced to nothing that someone can study for two weeks and then ready to get into the Examination room. Shey Mbuh doubting why the Ministers are talking only about the GCE exams ignoring other classes, and the primary pupils if, the school year did not affect them as well. This poses the question of why the Minister wants to cajole the students with Mock prizes while others are in the sports arena.

Shall those from the examination classes be exempted from the Fenasco games or how do they intend to combine the catch up classes with the Fenasco games. Either this is another scam to swindle the 500 million Frs CFA or another scam to lure students register for the GCE that may never take place. Why should a student from Sabongari, Ako etc spend more than 20,000 frs as transportation without accommodation to travel all the way to Bamenda to register for an exam that may cost less and may not take place as students might not go to school due to the Games that are yet to take place.  What about teachers and students who book Easter Holidays for their personal activities to assist families? Shall they also abandon these activities for catch classes and Fenasco games? The government still needs to think and “strategize” well before coming out with communiques that may end up in the garbage.

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