A Ghanaian Dies at the Hvidovre Hospital

Ghanaian Davis Boateng

Ghanaian Davis Boateng age 46

Sad news just reaching me now says that a Ghanaian whose names i did not get so well as Davis Boateng but will confirm the names later just died 5minutes ago at the Hvidovre Hospital. This Ghanaian is Married to Salamatu Yeboah a Sierra Leone lady i know personally.

Salamatu Yeboah wife to the deceased

Salamatu Yeboah wife to the deceased

The guy was diagnosed of cancer some 2 weeks ago and was rushed to the hospital. The situation became aggravated yesterday that many Africans had to rush to the hospital hopeless as the doctors told the crowd. They have been there since yesterday evening at the emergency ward until he gave up the ghost this evening slightly after 7pm.

This is sad news to our community and the Africa Denmark Diaspora Rally (ADDR). While we await for the funeral program, I kindly urge you to have the family and both communities in your prayers. We hope Jalloh, Hassan and Larteh from Sierra Leone and Ghana Respectively shall be able to feed us with the details. He dies at age 46, may his gentle soul Rest in Peace.

Shey Tatah

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