Head of the Vigilante groups in Mendankwe -Up Station Bamenda neutralized

One of the vigilante groups created by Biya’s regime often referred to as “Atanga Nji Boys” was neutralized this morning Friday 18-10-19 by unidentified men:

He is popular known as Scopi short form for scorpion and was killed this morning around the slaughter house in Mendankwe: He said to be a staunched armed robber whom the regime decided to use to counter the Ambazonian restoration forces and he had vigilante groups spread all over:

like Polycarp Ikom of Wum who was in TV with Lele L’Afrique and later murdered a day after, he too was on Crtv yesterday and today he is gone: Many begins to wonder why those forces that side with the regime end up dying immediately after being used on the media: Could be a lesson for those planning to be get paid to propagate falsehood :

our reporter was dispatched on the ground and he authoritatively confirmed the dead of Scorpion :

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