Hon. Wirba Joseph rekindles the revolutionary spirit to all Ambazonians

In an outing of Sunday the 13-10-19 Hon. Wirba Joseph former MP of the SDF party rekindles the revolutionary spirit to all Ambazonians stating that the Dialogue that took place in Yaound̩ РCameroon giving special status to Ambazonians was another form of slavery : He went further that Ambazonians are not afraid to dialogue with The Biya regime as long as they fulfill the 5 minimum conditions :

Recognition of the state of the Southern Cameroons Ambazonia that our parents brought into the Union:
Withdrawal of all Military forces from our towns and cities

Release of all prisoners without preconditions:

Granting of a General and unconditional Amnesty to all

That such talks be mediated and hosted by a trustee third party nation which should invite the UN ,The US,the UK , France and Germany and Canada :
This is since the aims of such talks is to correct the huge mistake made by the UN, the UK & France ?? in the decolonization process in 1960 & 1961:

If the people of Yde chose to ignore us, we will challenge them into one large prison and bring in the French Army : We are ready for the supreme sacrifices that will be needed:

We have a formidable spirit which they do not know about : We are a tough nation , we are ready for the next three years and even if we are to multiply , we will stand up to free our people :

Our pride comes from homeland Ambazonians and they always stand tall like one man .
The high point was during 1st Oct which was a total show as the world watched in admiration : The enemies watched in disbelief and chock from Yaoundé .

We must rise up and take up the revolution to free homeland : when duty calls , those who believe and understand a revolution should stand up :

He concluded by showing praises to GZ for building hope for the revolution.
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