International Red Cross Committee visits The Fon of Ndzeen

Ndzeen palace – Kumbo 24-06-21 International committee of the Red Cross in Ntoh Ndzeen ie Ndzeen palace today 24th June 2021.

This comes barely after 2 weeks the palace was invaded by French Cameroon military forces who ramshackle the palace including secret and sacred places reserved only for the gods and the initiated : We are yet if this was a fact finding mission or just a mere friendly mission based on personal relationship as the Fon is the former 2nd deputy Mayor of Kumbo under the SDF party :

The Biya’s regime, brought out a fake communique asking for the arrest of the Fon claiming he was on his way to exile in Nigeria. If there is anything to debunk that news then it is this visit : We promise to update this post as soon as details are made :

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