Is the GCE Board losing Credibility

The GCE Board that was fought for in the early 90s and effectively Organized its first Exams in 1994 is about to lose its credibility if the BACC Board in case the BACC has to be charged with the organization of Cameroon GCE Examination for 2017.

If one has to go by The Post Newspaper of today that shall be released tomorrow, then one smears danger that the fight fought to put the GCE board into effect is at the verge of losing its credibility if its role is handed to the BACC board.

This news is coming as a result of the crisis in the English speaking regions that has plagued the boycott of schools for the last 4 months obliging the GCE Board to postpone the registration from 20th December 2016 to the 28th of February 2017.

Speaking on CRTV 2 days ago the Board registrar reassured a hitch free session, reiterating that one could not keep postponing the registration deadline in order to give room for the setting of questions and carrying out other logistic procedures.

This, one could decipher that the expected number was never reached neither would the quality of the certificate could be guaranteed. With the teachers on strike, the French teachers might be asked in to rescue the face of the exercise not without consequences.

If care is not taken, the fear to lose money for the registration as expressed by the students of Etoug-Ebe over CRTV last monday might not be eminent.

Shey Tatah Sevidzem

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