It is exactly a year since the Kiluun Fon passed on

Dear Wirfon

The 20th of November 2019 will mark exactly one year since our father, Fon Fondap I, transitioned to the land of our ancestors. Thus, the month of November 2019 will officially mark the end of celebrations of the life of Fon Fondap I of Kiluun Fondom.

The celebrations will commence on Thursday Reevey 14th November 2019, with the palace Ntangri. That will be followed by the Ecumenical Services on Friday Kiloovey 15th of November 2019, in the Kiluun Palace.

On the evening of the 15th of November 2019, Ngwerong Kiluun will officially open the celebrations of life of our father. These celebrations will end on Sunday Nseeri 24th of November 2019.

The celebrations of 24th of November 2019 will also mark the one year anniversary of HRM Fon Njoyir II of Kiluun Fondom, who was enthroned on Saturday November 24th 2018.

We sincerely appreciate your collaborations, participations, and assistance as we all join hands to celebrate these important occasions.

Stay tune for the official program. Together we can achieve greatness.

Long Live the Kiluun Fondom of Nso
Fon Kong Lun

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