The King of Nso Honored with a Medal

Sehm Mbinglo I, Knight of Cameroon Order of Valour by His excellency the president of the republic…

By Shey Tatah Sevidzem (Wo Scandy)


The Fon Honored

The Fon Honored

“Sehm Mbinglo I Knight of Cameroon Order of Valour. He was honoured today at the esplanade of the Nso Fon’s palace under the patronage of the SDO for Bui. Mifi SDO, who is son of the soil was also present alongside all DOs and some mayors of Bui. The fons of Bafut and Nkwen and some fons under the paramount ruler answered present. And fon in his message urged all to uphold the peace in Cameroon and help fight Boko Haram…also asked for school of art and design-part of Bamenda state university”. Emma Verdze


Bafut & Nkwen Fons

Bafut & Nkwen Fons

According to Ben Fai from the UK, The honor was long overdue based on the successes of the Paramount King of Bui and his policy of peaceful co-existence.

“Our RH Shem Mbinglo I has succeeded in ruling Nso for more than 20 yrs and he merits an honorary degree (PHd) for his achievements so far. for example keeping Nso in unity, and showing good qualities of a good leadership. I also think we should take time and make a documentary on his daily activities, the tasks he handles, to also let people know how hard he works behind the scenes. He knows no boundaries to humanity, respects and receives all citizens wishing to see and chat with him. HRH Shem mbinglo I sees everyone as equals, be you young, old, rich or poor he will always make time to dash out from the fai in ntoh Nso to see who ever requested his presence. Go near him and you will see a very simple person standing in front of you. Long live our Royal Majesty Shem Mbinglo I of Nso. Wir dze wir bi wir”

The event which took place in June 2014 was also crowned by the presence of the Nsoda head and exco, Elites from all over the globe. An event that left a landmark in the Nso history can only be expressed in images than words and this gives a more concise and precise document of the event.

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