Kisaan road block saved lives in Mbiame- Kumbo from Cameroon colonial forces

Mbiame – Kumbo: If there is a tool southern Cameroonians have used to defend themselves against the atrocities of Cameroon colonial barbarism then it is road block:

Road block has not only delayed the invasion of villages by la Rep forces but has also reduced the number of deaths that could have been incurred, villages burnt and most especially frustrated the plans for the barbaric regime and help the population to escape to safety.

Although some road blocks have been counter productive, some have been really effective like the case of Mbiame- Bui County is today where the military got frustrated after numerous attempts at Kisaan to get to the people in Mbiame proved abortive and they returned in frustration.

We continuously stand with the people and respect the means and tools they use to protect their villages and themselves from harms way.
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