Kumbo under military attack early Wednesday

Hausa Quarters Mbve Kumbo Town – Kumbo LGA 02-06-21 Serious and heavy gunshots going on now in Roh Gassa (Hausa quarters) Kumbo. With one shot on the chest by a stray bullet and many injured in the course of escaping to safety. They came as early at 5 am and trapped almost all with many arrested.

The warriors have been dispatched to the scene to rescue the civilians there and their arrival was timely as two “Manyis” (Locally made explosives) have been used to stop the military atrocities : This has caused the Biya’s military terrorists to call for back up of at least 3 military trucks and armored cars.

The civilian shot on the chest has been rushed to the hospital for medical care meanwhile several in the bushes and hidings have also sustained slight injuries . Another empty big military vehicle that can take at least 20-30 people has just arrived the scene probably to ferry those arrested to Company in order to extort heavy sums from them since the military is broke and can no longer feed : This has intensified the level of gunshots which has extended to other quarters around Hausa Quarters: The situation is very tense. We are calling on our people to be on high alert 🚨 and take safety measures just in case :

Updates later SM

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