La Rep du Cameroon forces are out to eliminate any ex soldier on retirement in Ambazonia:

Sop- Kumbo 04-11-19: An ex soldier was killed early today in Sop by Cameroon forces accusing him of training the Ambazonian restoration forces.

The colonial forces broke into his house as early as 5 am, shot and killed instantly then escaped the scene to set confusion so the population could accuse the Amba fighters but unfortunately the gunshots woke some up who looked through the window and spotted who they were:

This is coming at the time the regime is still come in terms that they have not been able to crush the Ambazonians a war they thought would take just weeks. The loss incurred by the so called professionally trained regular army has obliged them to put the blame on the ex soldiers for their failures.
They have now vowed to Kill any retired soldier residing in the southern Cameroons territory believing that they are the ones training the restoration forces.
The case today in Sop should serve as lesson to other retired military to take extra security measures for themselves.
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