Life is returning to normal in Kumbo this morning after the self imposed ghost town that successfully boycotted the SDO’s installation

The Bui warriors have sent congratulatory messages to the people of Bui for making their work easy by massively boycotted the colonial installation of the SDO which became a military event:

Installation of Bui SDO with helicopter hovering

Despite the gunshots from Bambili in Bamenda as the Governor’s convoy left down to Kumbo and the planting of all military Ambush along the Bamenda – Ndu toad by Cameroon forces, to hunt our restoration forces, no human lives were lost. As they showered the administrative town Tobin where the installation took place with guns, the Bui warriors’ ADF has earlier done a clean job in the morning neutralizing two la Rep frogs around the principal prison in Meluf: The installation only took place in the evening like in Ndop.

Mbveh is back to life , Passengers preparing to leave for Bamenda but we are told those who left Bamenda yesterday for KUMBO Were stranded at ndop. It’s alleged one rf was killed yesterday and corpse laying on the road as the military have mounted a radar preventing movement.!

Our reporter took rounds early this morning and life is returning to normal in Kumbo, bikes are circulating , shops opened, farmers to farms and movement normal. We remain grateful for the maximum collaboration between the population and the restoration forces (Bui warriors )

Scandy media envoy

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