Life’s Treasure Chests

Life’s Treasure Chests
by Napoleon Hill

Is it not true that there has been a gradual reduction of working hours and with this a gradual increase of leisure time? If you do not know what use to make of this free time now, the problem will grow worse as the years roll by. Television and the corner bar are not the answers! You do not need to be entertained! You need to create and construct, to become part of an activity. This is your real entertainment and a source of real satisfaction.

You need to search out hobbies and interests that are many and diverse! You should explore nature, crafts, good reading, music and people. Remember that your present lack of interest may be due only to a lack of knowledge on the subject. I had a professor many years ago who likened life to a long tunnel lined on both sides with treasure chests filled with all manner of precious objects. Some individuals came out of the tunnel with only one precious stone — they had never stopped to dip into the other chests. There were others who came with pockets and hands so loaded they could hardly walk! They had explored many chests, and they described their journey in glowing terms. Which person are you?

Source: PMA Science of Success Course. Educational Edition. The Napoleon Hill Foundation. 1983. Pg. 440.

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