Marcel Niat Njifenji and Cavaye Djibril Reelected

The speculations by The Eden Newspaper and many otherprint media to continue the appeasement of Anglophones by the Biya regime through positions did not yield fruit this time around. The media had tipped Nfon Mukete the eldest in the Senate and Hon. Enow Tanjong for the positions of Senate chair and House Speaker respectively, while maintaining Mr. Philemon Yang as the PM.
Many wonder how Nfon Mukete could conduct senate elections and Senate Marcel Niat Njifenji emerge victorious for the 4th consecutive times. He had 79 votes out of 94. This now questions the future of PM Yang who is battling in Bamenda to make sure the 32nd Anniversary of the CPDM party is given a befitting celebration.
But faced with the political crisis in the country, Niat and Cavaye had to be maintained to balance the share of power as this would have brought agitation from the West Region and Northern regions. With their reelection, president Biya can at least go to sleep tonight having appeased different Regions of the country.
Meanwhile a door was removed and a window fitted in as Senator Tabe Tando Ndiep Nso of the SWR replaced the Former PM Mafany Musonge Peter as vice President of the Senate.
Fon Teche Njei a CPDM Senator from the NWR, happy with the outcome of the elections looked forward to maximum collaboration with the Newly elected Exco.
Senator Etienne Sonkeng of the SDF from the West Region was not interested in the status quo that was maintained but rather wished for more respect and power to be handed to the Parliament and senate to bring changes at the Head of the Republic.
On a similar situation, the parliament had a very tough time with a noisy parliamentary elections which later maintained Cavaye Yeguie Djibril for uncountable number of times. The fuse was in relation to the issue of Immunity as many parliamentarians were no longer safe. There was deadlock as Joshua Osih, Fusi Namukong, Banadzem, Mbah Ndam and other SDF MPS insisted their position. The case of Hon. Wirba Joseph.
Listening to both winners, Niat and Djibril, they both Thanked the head of state for their victories, keeping one in the doubt if these elections are appointed and the population being manipulated or if these leaders are democratically voted.
In a country where the same people are reelected (over and over) until death questions the level of democracy in the country, making one to conclude that Cameroon is actually ruled by Kings and not democrats. A country where the youth have no place and can not contribute to its development.
Shey Tatah Sevidzem

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