Marius Youbi returns to Denmark today

Marius Youbi, an international student at Aarhus University who was asked to leave Denmark a month ago arrives Denmark again today this time on a working permit.


Marius was sent out of Denmark on the 7th of January for working too much as a student. Baptized “Super student” from Cameroon, Marius intelligence and excellence in studies forced the media and sympathizers to fight for his cause. The Slogan has been;”Sending away Gold and welcoming criminality”.

Marius received a lot of support both from Denmark and without as an electrical engineering student and this has landed him a job as an engineer, reason for which he has been given a chance to come back. The Danish Media today shall focus solely on his case as broadcast over the TV. He has suddenly become not only a super student but a super star. Note that he is 30 years old.

This is just one of the many stories we have, but also should serve as a lesson to many.

We wish and hope Him well.

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