Meluf an outskirts of Tobin heavily invaded by Biya’s military forces.

Mbohkui- Meluf Kumbo LGA 01-08-22
Critical security alert for Mbohkui quarter around Jerfon in Meluf Kumbo LGA as those Biya’s military terrorists have invaded the quarter and started looting and abducting civilians .

Apart from those that left Tadu who narrowly escaped an ambush from the Unity warriors more trucks have come from the military camp to join them as they know they can trapped by the warriors :
We are by this advising the civilians that succeeded to escape to remain in their hideouts and only come out when the Unity warriors have neutralized them .

We know this will be challenging especially as they are now using the civilians as shields but we still insist that all civilians are advised always to run away each time these terrorists of Biya approach . cross fire casualties can be deadly on the side of the civilians as collateral . We continue to remain grateful to our unity warriors for these sacrifices and urged all to keep assisting them . SM

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