The Newly Elected NFU-Europe president Shey Damasius N. Gamsi has finally made public his policy speech as to how He and His Team would move the Union into higher heights. Compiled by Shey Tatah Sevidzem

Dear Won Fon.

Shey Gamsi

Shey Gamsi

On behalf of the newly elected NFU EXCO, I wish to heartily thank all of you who travelled from far and wide to our just ended convention that was held in Frankfurt Germany from the 15th to the 17th August 2014.


As the saying goes “no news is good news” so I hope that all of you had a very safe journey back to your respective destinations. Let’s give thanks to God for Journey mercies.
Special thanks go to our brothers and sisters from Germany who offered to host us. Although the decision to have the convention in Germany was taken late, they did everything possible to give us a befitting well planned NFU EU Convention.

There was a lot of merry making over the weekend; our kids had a great time. I remember one of our kids during their show telling us that it was not their fault to be born out of Nso and that it was our duty as parents to teach them our culture. Are we going to let them down? I hope not.

We wish to also thank the outgoing EXCO for leading and guiding us to where we are now and to crave their indulgence to allow us draw from their experiences. Even though they are not still in the EXCO we would be consulting them from time to time for advice.

You have entrusted us to lead and guide you for the next two years and we have accepted the challenge. The task ahead would not be an easy one but we count on your promise that you will be available to advise us when ever needed.

We were really humbled by the warm reception you gave us when the executive was introduced to the General assembly. (Shey Wo Scandi, your presentation was amazing. Thank you).This gave us some reassurance that you will be there for us when we need you. 

No human being is perfect, so it goes without saying that we might make mistakes in the performance of our duties. It is your own duty to call us to order when ever need be. Our doors shall be opened for any suggestions that can help make NFU Europe a better organization. 

Listening to the Fon’s speech on Saturday night, His Majesty Sehm Mbinglo I reiterated and challenged us to ‘strengthen’ and ‘Unite’ all Nso sons and daughters in Europe and to work ‘hand in glove’ in building a more strong  NSODA. This is the reason why NFU-Europe was created. 

Creation & Launching of NFU Europe here
It was created some four years ago as an umbrella organization for all Sons and Daughters of Nso living in Europe. Its main aim is to bring all of us together so that we know each other, showcase and enjoy our culture and help each other in times of need amongst other things. This was the spirit demonstrated during the convention as you could see from the photos. Our culture was projected within the one and only Nso Family Union spirit. We did not only extend sympathies to our members who were bereaved but prayed for the deceased during the Sunday mass as the first intention went to the bereaved. 

Yet I must admit that a lot still need to be done. Many sons and daughters of Nso living in Europe are still not aware of the existence of NFU Europe. My Team and I will make the sensitization of NFU Europe one of our priorities however, it is a job the Executive cannot do alone. I am therefore calling on all of us to act as Ambassadors for NFU Europe and spread the word to our friends/family members who are not yet part of this family.

When NFU-Europe will be able to ‘stand on its feet’ in the near future, we would like to carry out projects back at home that would benefit our community. But considering the financial difficulties we have been having since its creation, we know that a child cannot walk before crawling. So our main objective will be to make NFU-Europe financially independent before embarking on community development.

Long Live NFU-EU
Long Live the Kingdom of Nso.

Shey Damasius Gamsi
President NFU-Europe.

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