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Nso Family Union (NFU) Scandinavia/Europe is an initiative born in Denmark then introduced into the Nordic countries and now a European affair shall be hosting its 5th Annual Cultural convention in its Headquarters Denmark- Precisely in Hvidovre from the 12th-14th August 2016. The Date has been made official by the NFU president on the NFU Yahoogroups and other Nso Public groups on the social media. The event shall be hosted by the Nordic NFU Region with Host country Denmark taking the lead. NFU is a “folkeoplysning” group, meaning recognized by the Municipality as a cultural and development group through the use of Sports, Arts, Cultural & Traditional performances/activities. That is why the Hvidovre Municipality has reserved the following address for this year’s activities at one of its facilities to be Risbjerggården Hvidovrevej 241, 2650 Hvidovre.

The Nordic countries are to meet this February to deliberate and brainstorm on the event. Meanwhile below are some info on the past Cultural Conventions.


The 2014 Cultural convention ran from the 14th to the 16th of August 2014 in Zurich- Switzerland



Nso Family Union (NFU) Europe is the Platform that unites all the Nso associations in The Nordic and European countires. It has as duty to plan, Organize and execute a European Convention Yearly often referred to as NFU-Europe Convention. This shall  mark the 3rd Annual Convention that shall bring together all Sons and Daughters of Nso residing in Europe to prove and show case of their Cultural Heritage, their togetherness and most especially the joy and Love of meeting as a family. The convention is expected to pull a crowd of close to 350 members and a handful of their friends and well wishers. This year the Convention shall take place from Friday the 15th through Sunday the 17th of August in Frankfurt- Germany:

NFU Europe Flyer

NFU Europe Flyer

Below is the PDF file that gives the foretaste of the German Style Convention: CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW.

A German style Convention (3)

The Tentative Programme  can be seen here: Watch out for the Final Programme soon.

You may want to know what transpired during the Previous Conventions & gatherings:

1. Launching Pictures: click link:

2: Convention is Stuttgart 2012: Here:

3. Watch Kikum Kee Belgium Perform. Really Home in Europe:

4: Watch The Nontang from the Scandy palace with Shufai Nsobahti and other videos:

What does it cost to partake in such an event?

Since it is not a fundraise event but has as objective to show case of a rich Culture from Nso, meet and make new friends and faces as one family, The Organisers shall be asking a token of € 50 from each participant and this includes Friday Dinner, Saturday Lunch and Dinner Buffet and Free access to the cultural Evening and gala dance. All these for €50? and For registered members. Non registered members shall be obliged to pay a little higher fee while Guests coming for the Saturday evening Event shall pay an entry Fee of €30 which includes Free Buffet, Cultural Evening and Gala Night.

How Do we Cover the cost?

At some point during the Cultural evening presentation a 30 minutes time is given for Free Will donations to help cover the Cost. Some invitees are called upon to cut the cake which serves as a source to run the Organization of the NFU-Europe’s Event.

What then is stopping you from coming with your family and live Family at Home away from Home. Guess what? Kids below 12 years enjoy all these for free.

Come one Come All.

For Publicity:

Mr Elias Ngoran & Shey Emmanuel Beri



Stay tune for more updates.


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