Ngonso Festival 2014 in Tatum

The Annual Nso Cultural Festival “Ngonso” Organized by the Nso Cultural and Development Association “NSODA” ran from the 27th December 2014 to the 3rd of 2015. This year’s Theme was: Culture; The Path to Peace, Unity & Develpoment

This report mostly in images covers only the day one and two activities in Tatum starting from the eve of 27th  to the 28th evening. The 27th was more of a commercial and cosy day with final preparations put in place for the Opening on the 28th.

Then came the opening day 28th of December 2014.

Manjong and Nsoda exco are the early births to storm the entrance awaiting the arrival of his Majesty El-Hadj Sehm Mbinglo 1.

While waiting the arrival, The Kibrankoh displays as the manjong sings

As the Nkoh gives way, His Majesty El-Hadj Sehm Mbinglo paramount Fon of Nso arrives led by the Manjong to the resting Palace.

The Fon of Kiluun welcomes and greets the Fon of Nso as they both take their places.

The SDO for Bui arrives and goes to the D.O’s residence, visited by Nsoda exco while photo shooting takes place before the official opening.

SDO Bui, Etat Major, Nsoda take pictures outside the DO’s residence…

The is led to the ceremonial ground to wait the arrival of the SDO for the ceremony to begin. The procession is led by the Nsoda exco, then then Vibaays, while the Dignitaries toe their line to salut the SDO.

The SDO for Bui arrives, greets the dignitaries then takes his seat.

The Kids sing the National Anthem in Lamnso and the celebration starts.

While the ceremonial ground is busy with the opening, others are busy with the festivities outside the ground while Juju displays like the shinkans, wanmabu, Nkoh etc display at the market square. The football tournament “the Royal cup” organized by Shey Lawrence Nsoyuni is also part of the activities to assist the youth in their fight against poverty and social ills

The SDO for Bui reads the opening address and declares the Ngonso 2014 in Tatum open…After which photographs were shot between the SDO and other Fons, amongst which was the Fon of Nkwen.

Present at the ceremonial ground were Lord Mayor Njong and wife, Hon. Banadzem, Hon. Carline Mbiybe etc.

After the departure of the SDO and his entourage, the Fons returned to the ceremonial ground for the juju displays and traditional dances. Yee Nwerong led the way for the jujus while Njang, Wirajing, chong, Mfu, Samba etc all performed.

Shigwalla displays and Njang

Yee Nwerong

The kids kikum took the stage with their famous yaaya song

Then comes the Yee Ngiri


The rest of the evening was characterized by other juju displays, traditional dances and merry making in bars and drinking spots.

In case you want to watch the full coverage video free of charge then click on the link below but you are advised to contact the producer Shey Leo of Savannah echo to support this initiative. The Video covers the full activities of Tatum for the opening with important speeches and activities.

Compiled by

Shey Tatah D.L Sevidzem

Aka Wo Scandy



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