Nso Cultural and Development Association Nsoda chair calls for Nso to unite as one and put the kingdom first.

My dear brothers and sisters,

Although we are going through  a very trying and darkest moments in our history, brought by the war in our homeland , but as we have seen in similar situations other countries,  these challenging times always have a silver lining and presents  opportunities to rally together, so that we can come out of it stronger than ever before.

If we do not do it, then who? if not now, then when?

We don’t have to wait until we are caught off guard while other communities have gone so far in preparing in rebuilding their communities. The time is just now for us to start reflecting on how we can address the challenges that are affecting us all.

The #NsoFirst campaign which emanated from the recent NSODA Exco meeting in Baffousam and which we have had the privilege to share with some of you already have aroused lots of interests across the board and globe. From Cameroon, Nigeria to Europe, UK, USA many of you has shown interest in the concept. 

My sincere thanks to the #NsoFirst communications team for collecting the ideas and putting together for us a “#NsoFirst Campaign” leaflet. The #NsoFirst Campaign is the first phase of five phases aimed at bringing us together in what we have succinctly referred to now as “The Rebirth of Nso”. The first phase is to get each and every one of us in a conversation, what does it really mean to be Nso? We would appeal to everyone in this forum not only to participate in the campaign but to be a veritable ambassador of the campaign. It is our duty to show leadership during these difficult and challenging times.

We can only achieve it if we all work together, so your participation will be of paramount importance. We are therefore calling on everyone to review the documents as well as the message addressed to Titleholders/Presidents/Personalities and act accordingly. Share the #NsofirstCampaign document as far as possible until it reaches every Wirfon on the face of the earth.

There is also a link for a survey form for you to complete if this is easier than using email.  Tomorrow Saturday at 14:00 Cameroon time, we shall be having a Zoom Conference call to formally bring this journey to the general NSO public to scrutinizce the draft document and the different five phases anticipated. Kindly reach out to members of the communications team in case of any questions.

Yes, we are a great community and must remain strong and even come out stronger from these crises and make NSO our own Rwanda and our own Singapore. We have all that it takes to. But this can only be possible if we put Nso first before anything. Let’s, therefore, rally behind the #NsoFirst Campaign and give it the maximum support and publicity it deserves to all the corners of the globe.

Mformi  Stephen Njodzeka Ndzerem,

NSODA, President.

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