Nso History Society Meeting

According to an agreement reached between the Nso Cultural & Development Association (NSODA) and the Nso History Society (NHS), the latter merged as part and parcel of the NSODA activities.

This piece of good news came as a result of a meeting between the NSODA president Mformi Stephen Njodzeka and the NHS General Secretary Rev Fr Tatah H Mbuy.

NHS then held a concrete and practical meeting with the its members and the NSODA exco which cemented the agreement on the 30th of December 2014 at the Tourist Home Hotel Tobin-Kumbo.


After a Welcome speech by the NHS Chair Prof. Fanso Verkijika & Fr Tatah H. Mbuy who gave the run down of the agenda and the 9 points of the deliberations, the Nsoda Chairman took the place to state the position of NSODA and the role it can play to elevate and assist the function of NHS vis-a-vis NSODA. Amongst other dignatories were Nso Elite from Cameroon and abroad with men of substance like Prof. Constantine Yuka, Mformi Dr. Zebulon Takwa both from Nigeria, Shey Tatah Sevidzem represnting the Diaspora, Dr Ngitir Victor, Dr Kiwoh Terrence both from Yaounde, Tume Kenneth from the ministry of culture and a host of others. Journalists from all media flocked the venue with the NSODA Home branch president represented in person with the National EXCO.

Deliberations went smoothly with a well attended and represented delegates. Although Douala was found wanting, Nso Musicians also stormed the event demonstrating their talents while merry making with enough to eat and drink provided and sponsored by Shey Stephen Shemlon from the US of A spiced the day. Photo shots also took place outside and featuring is one of our yearly Miss Ngonso Sponsor Ngalim Eugene all the way from Yaounde attending with his usual financial assistance.

Surprisingly appearing at the meeting and making  a great contribution was Prof Bame Nsamenang. The Meeting proposed a paper presented by the NSODA SG Mr Bulami Edward on “Nso Names” which was thought provoking and having contributions from left and right.

Work was equally shared to researchers on the history of the various villages of Nso with Dr Ngitir assigned the heaviest task- Nkar, Nseh , Mbaime etc.

Highlights of the meeting can be watched on this link below while awaiting the complete minutes from the Secretary General; Ren Fr Tatah H. Mbuy




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