Nsoda Exco & Lobbying

By Shey Tatah D.L Sevidzem

Since the dawn of 2015, the Nsoda Exco has refused to go to sleep. They are bent on seeing their vision and dreams come true and keep the Nso Kingdom ahead as has always been the case.

We have read enough about the Nsoda’s vision of  “Inclusiveness”. This has been extended to our political leaders irrespective the parties. In Nso, two parties have emerged stronger than the other parties The SDR and the CPDM. Nsoda since January first took upon itself to commune with the leaders of these parties soliciting their support to the objectives of Nsoda and putting the Plight of Nso supreme to their respective parties.

This is being achieved through what we call “political lobbying”.  Although Nsoda is an apolitical Organization, it needs its leaders to attain certain goals. Politcal lobbying would  involve the “advocacy of an interest that is affected, actually or potentially, by the decisions of government leaders.” This according to Browne, Steven A. 1995 therefore means that Individuals and interest groups alike can lobby governments, and governments can even lobby each other.

Nsoda Exco as such considers lobbying so essential to the proper functioning of the Association. The  provides a forum for the resolution of conflicts among often diverse and competing points of view; provides information, analysis, and opinion to legislators and government leaders to allow for informed and balanced decision making; and creates a system of checks and balances that allows for competition among interest groups, keeping any one group from attaining a permanent position of power. “thefreedictionary.com/Political+lobbying.

It was therefore and for many other reasons that amongst other politicians, elders & some influencial people that Nsoda exco paid these people some visits.  In addition to this, most of the leaders were proposed positions at the Nsoda helm to act as “Council of Elders”.

The first visit of Nsoda lobbying that i am presenting here starts with that of the CPDM Section president at His residence in meluf, Shey Maishu who prepared a delicious “buffet” to welcome the Nsoda executive. As a surprise to Nsoda, Ta Kifu Joe Dindze drove from Yaounde as fast as he could to get hold of the meeting. The meeting ended up in form of party as lots of drinks and food were available in abundance.

The team also found time to visit the mayor of Kumbo Council Lord Njong Donatus. He was of course celebrating the day with his family and well wishers and after paying a listening ear to the Nsoda Vice president and SG Mr Pius lukong & Bulami Edward, the mayor himself expressed his satisfaction with the approach and the vision of Nsoda sharing a whole lots of experiences. His oratory speech was interrupted by the “Nton” (a masquared that displays at every reason deemed necessary) as all had to go out and attend to it in the normal traditional and cultural manner before completion. His positive speech was appreciated by Dr Kiwoh Terrence joining the Nsoda Exco from Yaounde as well.

Another politician visited was the SDF Deputy for Kumbo, Hon Banadzem. before a physical meeting arranged later, the Honorable was briefed on the phone by the VP Lukong Pius and he expressed his willingnessly to stand by NSODA always. This Nsoda visit again coincided with that of “Shey Wo Ntoh Ngiri” & his entourage coming to feast together with the Parliamentarian.

Nsoda ended the tour with a feedback to His Royal Majesty (HRM) Sehm Mbinglo I paramount Fon of Nso. He appreciated the efforts of the Exco and reminded them of their continuous duty to transform Nso into the envy of all. The Team went home satisfied.

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