NSODA Report at Nkongsamba April 2015



  1. Singing of the national anthem
  2. Prayers
  3. Singing of the nsii wong
  4. Welcome note from the president Nsobati Nkongsamba
  5. Animation
  6. A speech from the president general NSODA
  7. Reading of last resolutions
  8. Matters arising
  9. Presentation of state of envisaged projects:
  10. Other matters
  11. Forming of committees
  12. Presentation of reports from branches
  13. Reading of the resolutions
  14. Final word by the president
  15. Pictures
  16. Refreshments



The meeting opened at exactly 10:00am with a call to order by the national vice President, MC for the day. He read out the agenda which was corrected and adopted.There after a secretariat was appointed consisting of  Dr. Ngitir Victor(Nsobati Yde) and Mr. Wirmvem Gerald(Bongnavti Douala) for the resolutions committee and Mr. Nkweche Paul(Kifer Jakiri), Judith Lola(Mbavda) and Mr Romanus Sevidzem(Nsobati Nkongsamba) for the minutes committee.


A call to order by Shey Lukong Pius the national vice president, NSODA

The National anthem was led my Mme Kinga and the prayers were led by the president of Nsobati Loum Mr. Mbiybe Joseph, which was closely followed by the singing of the nsii wong, which was listened on C.D since Shey Yungsi the usual singer  was bereaved.


A (cross-section of participants rise and bow for prayers)


Welcome note from the president Nsobati Nkongsamba(Host):

Mr. Akufogha Timothy, president of Nsobati Nkongsamba invited the presidents of the Nsobati Loum, Nsobati Mbanga,  Nsobati Melong and Nsobati  Bafang branches to join him before he made his speech. He thanked all for giving him & his team all collaboration needed to plan the hosting of this event and all who have been participating in the preparatory meetings. He called on all to imitate Fonlon who was an example for our native land.  He recounted their journey towards starting the Nsobati initiative in the Moungo to regroup sons and daughters of Nso, and called on all still lagging behind to join them. He also mentioned the challenges they have been facing like finances owed by many. A good number of members still owe levies and pledges and he called on all such to make good their situation before their elections around the 27th of May.

Nkongsamba Nsoda

The branch president of Nkongsamba hands speech to General President NSODA

Speech by the President General NSODA:

Mformi Ndzerem Stephen welcomed all present and thanked them for coming saying; their presence showed the interest they have for Nso land. He entreated all to be proud of their heritage, leave aside personal interest and show a spirit of patriotism towards Nso. He encouraged all to be messengers of Nso as we leave Nkongsamba.

Nsoda president

The president general of NSODA in his keynote address

Some NSODA achievements

He recalled the achievements already realized by the present executive and the plans that were stated and their level of realization.  Most prominent, is the fact that, all NSODA branches can now sit on one table and discuss the development of NSODA as the greatest achievement in less than 18months. The over 38 branches from NSO and around the country was a clear testimony.

He also announced that, the hundreds of millions project initiated by BFU-USA was yielding fruits already as the ship, will arrive this month. He also enjoined that thanks to the collaboration between NSODA and BFU-USA, this consignment  received 100% custom exoneration, thanks to the support given by the prime minister. He sincerely thanked him on behalf of all the beneficiaries. He said this just goes to show what can be achieved if we work together. He on behalf the people in Bui, thanked the BFU-USA under the leadership of Dr Chris Bime for being exemplary and working day and night to promote the development of Bui Division. He also announced that, the President of the BFU-USA will take part in the inauguration and distribution of the medical supplies and all should be there to see this through, as sign of appreciation and support.

He also announced that, the ICT project initiated by Mr. Erick Njolai from Ireland and other sons and daughters of NSO had also been fruitful and two communities will soon have tele centers that will go operational while eight more communities from NSO are still to benefit from this initiative. He encouraged all NSODA branched back at home to apply as NSODA is part of this project.

He also mentioned the fact that through NSODA and SHUMAS, the Kovifem health center was completed and received medical supplies and considerable contributions from Mr. Gamsi Njodzeka president of NFU Europe.

He also announced that, the Nsanvikiyntoh NSO project will soon receive supported from the Georgia chapter of BFU- USA with the sum of 750,000 FRS and project starts in the next few days. He maintained the fact NSODA will collaborate in the implementation.

Branch activities

He lauded efforts of groups like the Ndop, Kumba and Nkongsamba branches which are doing a good job and asked others to copy from their hard work. He thanked other Nsobati branches like Yaounde and Bamenda for the support they always give to NSODA which helps to spur them. He also condemned those who work for self-projection to the detriment of community force that discourages the masses.


Branch Presidents in the Mungo and environs 

Sensitization and culture

He said NSODA used its initiative to invite the crew of one of CRTV’s most famous programs MORNING SAFARI to broadcast from Kumbo. This broadcast which was done for a week saw the interventions of many Nso sons and daughters who sold our values, initiatives , ideas and culture to Cameroonians in particular and the world at large. He said it was a great success and we are already getting fallouts.

Nsoda has also visited cultural activities in some parts of Cameroon to learn about organizational styles, so that; we could share it with all Fondoms in NSO to factor in their end of year cultural activities.


A section of the high table, the resolution and minutes committee at work


He however stated that despite all these achievements NSODA still had many challenges, especially in the financial domain. The national executive of the association has been covering expenditures like:

  • During hundreds of visits to NSODA branches both at home, over the national territory and even out of Country(sensitization, participate in their AGMs, install new Exco, help resolve conflicts, share new visions, facilitating creation of branches that have not existed etc.),
  • Running of the secretariat (rents, stationeries, communication, planning and sponsoring of Exco meetings, planning and organization of AGM’s, participation in official matters, etc.)
  • Logistics (renting of chairs)

He said, these are becoming a big burden for them to continue supporting from their family savings and moreover, this was not only an uphill task but could set precedence that will not be easy to uphold.

To conclude he begged the assembly to think hard on this issue and bring out suggestions that will bail them out and ensure the sustainability of the Association.

Another challenge he expressed was setback caused by individuals and detractors, who go about spreading wrong information about NSODA. Some of these individuals are even branch executives who have all the possibilities to verify any needed information to clear their doubts. He begged on such people to desist from these practices which tarnish the image of the organization, for if they continue they will be exposed in the general assembly.

After the president generals’ speech the meeting was punctuated by animation led by NSOBATI Melong. At this stage the vice president announced that each and every one should remember to grab a copy of the new constitution, magazine and the kibam ke wong cards, as they are a legacy for our children.


Participants listen keenly to their president

Reading of Last Resolutions:

The resolutions of the last meeting at Douala were read by a member of the resolutions committee, Dr. Ngitir Victor, after which those who had questions from the president’s speech and the resolutions were asked to indicate for easy tracking.


It was indicated that the resolution concerning the dressing code and language for meetings had been omitted. All were also reminded as it had been resolved that, the language to be used during meetings for interventions had to be Lamnso, except for delegates who could not express themselves in Lamnso.

On Committees

The president Nsobati Yaounde requested that resolutions and minutes taken during meetings should be forwarded to all branches so that all can be reminded and be sensitized and not just read during the meetings. He thanked NSODA for the Morning Safari initiative which exposed the Nso mans capabilities, and inquired how far the acquisition of land as resolved in Douala for the general secretariat had gone.

In response, the president general thanked Nsobati Yaounde for their usual support and said that some members like the Home branch president, Mr Kighe Free, Mme Kigha Magaret and Mr. Mbinkar Victor have been delegated to thank the Mayor of Kumbo for his usual support as well as apply for a land for the Permanent Secretariat. He also promised that the resolutions will be circulated latest Monday to all branches via email.

One of the delegates also asked how committees were to function and the president proposed that, for the sake of governance and increased stakes, it was better various Committee manage the projects all through. It was unanimously agreed that, committees are to be created in this meeting to execute the selected projects.

The president of the Ndop branch, Shey Fabian Wirsiy, who also doubles as Divisional Delegate for Agriculture and Rural development for Ngoketunjia, was concerned that the resolution on end of year cultural events needed to be better communicated and planned well or there will be insufficient time for these events. The President responded that the committees to be appointed on that day will go to work on this issue.


A cross-section of participants as they work tirelessly

On Cultural activities

The president general begged the various Fondoms and VDAs to work with this committee to draw plans for these events, since NSODA will simply play an advisory and marketing role in all the end year cultural activities. For example with MINCULTURE, embassies, companies etc. All contributions for any such event by branches should go through NSODA for proper documentation of names. It was shared by a member that this collaboration by the villages with NSODA for cultural events is very good as it can go a long way to market all of NSO.

Concerning the issue that, it would be advisable, NSODA plays a coordinating, mobilization and marketing role for all end of year cultural activities in various palaces in NSO, the vice president of the kiluun Development Association, Yaah Dr Chiato, however wondered how, all development initiatives going through NSODA will work. The national President said that, this concerned mostly end of year cultural festivities. However, if the Fon of kiluun happens to be visiting any town for fundraising just like any other fon from NSO, it will be good to inform NSODA who will inform the president of that branch, and who will in turn mobilize all Nso people in that town to welcome him as one  powerful and undivided NSO people.

On Running of the NSODA National Bureau

It was suggested that strategies for the management of NSODA secretariat should come rather from the national executive, instead of the assembly since they knew better where the shoe pinches and what cost all these entails. The president general answered in the affirmative by giving a background of what the new executive had inherited, and the fact that they had avoided asking for financial support for any cost because of the former image of the association and thus decided to use funds from their pockets to bring all on the same platform.  He gave details on the work covered so far by the executive and the vice president gave details of the various expenditures that have been incurred personally by some of the exco members as seen indicated supra.


A timely intervention from the Yaounde branch president,Shey Wirngo Abel.

At this point two key suggestions from Dr Mborong  Venasius , President of  Melim Development Association were proposed and after  lots of debate it was adopted in this form,

  1. That branches including traditional councils be levied annually to help with running cost as the present dispensation was not sustainable and could end up discouraging present NSODA leadership.
  2. The second accepted method to resolve the problem was that, a fund raising strategy be put in place during all AGMs to raise funds.

Another opinion needed to know if there was an estimate of the annual budget for the running of the national bureau, so that groups and branches could take like 2% of their funds and allocate for the running of the secretariat, and associations that have partners and projects from which there are left over funding, could also forward these to NSODA instead of taxing the communities.

Responding the president said no budget existed so far since funds were spent from individual pockets. However, a budget was already drawn for 2015 and was to be presented in the next meeting. He said henceforth all financial details as well as all expenses covered by NSODA, will be tabled during all meetings.


The finance committee at work

To conclude on this point, and after listening to the list of regular expenses, the ball was thrown back to the floor for suggestions on how much annual registration would cost. Many suggestions were made but the consensus was that, there should be 3 categories of annual affiliation fees. It was finally agreed that branches will pay the following dues as per the following categories:

Category A: home branches 20000+

Category B: Sub divisional level 30000 +

Category C: Divisional level 50000+

Category D: Regional level 100,000+

Category E: Those in the diaspora 200000+

The representative from Batouri branch indicated that the time frame to pay the annual dues had not been indicated and the consensus was that the annual dues for 2015 should be paid by July during the AGM and subsequently, April will be the yearly deadline. After some more reflections, it was finally agreed that we push the AGM of this year to October 2015 to enable people be properly sensitized and ready to pay these due.

It was also suggested that, some delegates present, were new in the meeting and did not yet know the new vision of NSODA. They were encouraged to meet home branch president, the president general and other executive members during refreshments to clarify them.

On kibam ke wong

The president of Buh,Mr Sale, needed to know if those who had the 2014 cards still had to take the 2015 cards. In response he was referred to the decision, agreed at during the Douala Exco meeting, which stated that, all new groups with old cards that came in this year or end of 2014 will use these for 2015 but all old members will pay for 2014 and 2015 this year.

Presentation of envisaged projects:

The president reminded all that, there are 6 envisaged projects for which committees must be created and their TOR given so that they start implementing their activities as agreed in Douala. The 06 projects were enumerated and they were briefed as follows:

The museum project

It was explained that the museum project was already going on in the Ntoh NSO and had been initiated by the NACHA organization. The president informed that, HRM Fon of NSO, convened a meeting between with NSODA president and  the NACHA Board of trustees and it was agreed that, NSODA  will supervise NACHA which will be accountable to NSODA but that, the former act as other implementing committees under NSODA and will carry out activities as defined and report. When they finish from the Ntoh NSO palace museum then they will go out to other palaces in Nso, but that, in the meantime, they should be ready to start the preservation of cultural artifacts in other palaces.

The Lobbying committee

Understanding the important role that, lobbying play in present day context, this is a service committee charged with the responsibility to identify opportunities to benefit NSO sons and daughters as well as NSO Fondoms and villages. This includes public investment state projects and lobbying on behalf of the community. This committee will also identify posts of responsibility; jobs etc and lobby on behalf of Nso sons and daughters who can fill them. They will collaborate with government departments, embassies, NGO’s, council to propose development projects for sponsorship.

The Census committee

This committee is also a service committee, charged with the collection of data of outstanding sons and daughters of Nso featuring in all works of life and submits to the national exco for exploitation. All NSODA branches and VDA’s are charge to facilitate this committees’ task by furnishing them with the necessary information. This committee will also identify outstanding students and university graduates in and out of the country, so that scholarships and employment opportunities can be lobbied for them.

The kibam ke wong

This is another committee charged with management of the Kibam Ke wong funds. They come with projects to be implemented with fund collected for all NSODA projects in our various Fondoms and villages. They are responsible for the distribution of contribution cards, and report to the national executive bureau for action.

The cultural events committee

This committee is charged with the organization of all annual events in all the palaces in Nso land. They shall in collaboration with the national exco draw up a plan for annual cultural events and other related activities.

The permanent secretarial committee

This committee is charged with the acquisition of land for the construction of the NSODA permanent secretariat as per their terms of reference. And come up with strategies to raise funds for construction of the NSODA secretariat.

Creation of Committee members

Next on the agenda was choosing or proposing of members of various project committees. Various branches as well as delegates proposed members for various committees. It was also agreed the list be compiled and sent to all branches for verification and confirmation before next meeting. It was also agreed that all branch presidents are committee members of their choice. No member of the national executive can be a member of a committee except where need exist.

After this the TOR were read out to be forwarded to would be members of committees through the branches.

Council of Elders

New members and delegates present were informed on the role of the council of elders that it was just a consultative body to which we could ask for advice on certain issues. Note should be taken that all former presidents and branch presidents are automatically members. The other members were proposed and a letter appointing them will be given to would be members by the national exco.


The traditional rulers’ section(Fai Kumba and Yaah Dr Chiato,VP Kilun development Association)

Submission of Reports

Submission of individual reports by branch presidents to the president of the home branch was done.

Others Matters:

The president of the NSOADZEM Kumba branch shared their experience on how presidents could strategize to raise the funds expected from their groups. He said that there is need for tact and sweet talk to convince members to contribute. He proposed also the production of CD’s of events to sell to people and raise funds.

The president of Buh thanked NSODA for coming to Buh during their event and prayed that this be the case for other communities which will help to sensitize them more.

The president of Wahbin Douala thanked the present executive and entreated that the youth should be engaged in activities because they are the ones who hold the future tomorrow. He proposed NSODA put up a youth secretariat to animate youth activities and bring them on board, especially during youth football competitions with finals at home during end of year cultural activities.

It was recalled that, during the last AGM, NSODA Exco was mandated by the AGM, to fill up empty Exco positions as well dormant Exco positions. This of course included the secretary for youth’s affairs. It was further noted that, this did not work as some branches did not come up with earmarked names and branches that even brought proposed list, proposed members who have never turned up. As a resolution during the Douala meeting, the executive was mandated to fill these positions with some Nso sons and daughters who have been very active and available so that they go to work and they should be presented during the upcoming AGM in October.

It was also agreed that, all branches should organize football competition so that at the end of year these football competitions should be branch champions who would be selected to compete at the last level.

The representative of the NSOBATI Bamenda branch announced the good news that, Nso in Bamenda now had land to construct a house in Nkwen. He also suggested various ways that Bamenda branch has been using to raise funds like the auction. The General President of NSODA a member of NSOBATI Bamenda also suggested that, all branches should always include  NSODA, as an item on their meetings to permit people be updated on the activities of the association  for more sensitization.


Members concerting on some key issues

The president of the Melong branch thanked NSODA for the help they had gotten with the problem they had with their constitution. He however begged NSODA to intervene in the issue of elections which has gone wrong twice before in this branch.


It was suggested and agreed that executive meetings will be held twice a year and the general assembly once. Thus the next executive meeting will be hosted by the Ndop branch on the 25th July at the Ngai Nso located at Long Street.

The vice president read out contributions collected so far for the kibam ke wong which stood at 819,700frs

Branches present:

There were 34 branches represented during this meeting namely;

Nkongsamba, kumba, Yaounde, Bamenda, Home branch, Douala, Loum, Mbanga, Bafang, Ekondo titi, Buea, Melim, Buh, Ndop, Melong, Kimbo, Kifer, Obala, Barre, Kiluun, Ebolowa, Kibah ke Fako, Batouri, Mbavda, Sangmelima, Makenene, Batoum,  Tonga, Meluf, Nchemba, Santchou, Ngongdzen, Mbim, Bamkikai.


At this juncture the compiled resolutions arrived at were read by the resolution committee. (See annex)

Dr Ngitir at Nsoda

The resolution committee head Dr Ngitir reads the final resolutions

Closing remarks:

President General reminded all not to leave without collecting their cards and constitution. He thanked all who sacrificed this Saturday for the progress of their community telling them that God will replenish the time and finances a hundred fold. He also thanked all who attended for the first time telling them to forge ahead and also in a special way those who have been coming often. He thanked all elders who came like the president of Nsobati Batouri and Tamfu Melong for their efforts. Lastly he thanked Sr. Victorine for lodging and feeding the team from Bamenda. He encouraged all branches to get email addresses so as to facilitate communication and flow of information. He reminded all not to forget the BFU_USA project and all benefitting communities should mobilize in a special way. Finally he concluded by asking communities that feel they can benefit from tele centers project should call and inform the president general for link up.

Nsoda at Nkongsamba

Family picture at the end of the meeting


The meeting ended at about 5pm with pictures to immortalize the event, refreshments and animation by the host branch.  The executive succeeded to discuss all salient points that had been earmarked. The resolutions from the meeting will be forwarded to branches for better flow of information, while the committees to be formed soon will go to work as soon as possible to meet up with their terms reference.

The Nkongsamba branch emblem, the current constitution and the 2015 membership cards

Nsoda President

The president general concerting with one of the advisers and the vice president of the Kiluun cultural and development Association

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