NSO DEVELOPMENT AND CULTURAL ASSOCIATION hereafter abbreviated as (NSODA) Is The Umbrella Organization that seeks to provide a platform for all the Nso Development and Socio-Cultural Groups/Associations for a united and stronger Nso Kingdom.

1.2: The Headquarters of the Association is in Kumbo Town, Bui Division, P.O Box 51.

‘AIM OF THE ASSOCIATION The Association is a Non-Profit, Non-Political and Non-Religious Association with the following objectives:

3.2: To Promote, Strengthen, Enhance, Advance and Preserve the rich culture of the Nso people. To this end, the Association shall:

3.1.1: Identify all the Antiquities and Historical Monuments of all the Fondoms and seek to collect and preserve them either in their natural habitat or in a museum.

3.1.2 Identify the various cultural groups of the area and try to preserve their Identity, Traditional Character and recommend their improvement.

3.1.3 Encourage Research and Preservation of the Nso Language so as to protect its Purity, Literature and wider use as a vehicle of Nso cultural heritage.

3.1.4 Research and Document the history of the Nso People. Collect all historical and anthropological research documents of the Nso People and preserve them in a Public Library available to all students for research.

3.1.5 Encourage and support our Traditional Fondoms, assisting them to maintain their dignity and traditions and to settle all conflicts among them.

3.1.6 Take action to protect the traditional authorities from participating in activities which may either to ridicule their subjects or themselves.

3.1.7 Organize periodic cultural festivals in order to enhance and preserve our rich culture.

3.1.8   Undertake in collaboration with the Council, the Construction, Maintenance and Running of Cultural Civic Centers, Museums and the preservation and improvement of traditional palaces.

3.2:  To encourage and promote the spirit of Self-reliance and Communal Action to advance our   development efforts in order to improve the quality of life of our communities.

To this effect, the Association shall be a major development vehicle in  the areas of Roads, Water supply, Town Planning and Environmental protection More on Nsoda can be read here Nsoda is also charged with the Organization of Cultural Festivals in which various cultural and Traditional exhibitions take place. Some images can be seen on the Link here You may need more pictures of Ngonso the click more and the last day here There is also a Ngonso Journal aimed at immortalizing Ngonso. Click here Watch Ngonso on CNN by Peter Njodzeka here

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