Obituary as Mr. Francis Lukong of CPDM Jakiri is no more

Jakiri – Dzekwa LGA Bui County 29-05-22: Mr. Lukong Francis one of the CPDM militants that marched during the 20th May, Cameroon’s National Day Celebration is no more the family confirmed : He killed himself to conceal the truth and respect the vow taken according to the Bui Unity Warriors commander that apprehended him.

He was picked up saturday 28-05-22 by the Unity Warriors of Dzekwa West for questioning: Following a video leaked from the warriors barrack, Mr. Francis admitted he marched for CPDM with 2 others but defended himself that he was arrested by the military on the 19th and later forced to march the 20th to regain his freedom:

The warriors then decided to keep him under custody to investigate if he was a victim of circumstance or was simply a traitor that worked for the enemy: He was warned that if the findings proved that he never was arrested then he will help expose those he was working with for subsequent arrests ; Mr. Lukong knowing the danger ahead decided to kill himself at night by hanging to conceal the truth : The Unity warriors commander has promised to apprehend the other two for further questioning despite the demise of Mr. Lukong Francis as justice must take its cause for those violating the rules of Ambazonia:
We are saddened by his death as many were looking forward to more revelations as to why three people will brave such odds on a lockdown day to go for crumps except maybe other things were in play : The family had taken his remains for funeral preparations: SM

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