Pa Nkongmi Christopher passes into eternity

Pa Gate Man No more.

The passing into eternity of Pa Nkongmi Christopher who served GBHS Kumbo for 26 years remains a shock to all. Pa Was decorated 26th December 2014 by Ex students of GBHS Kumbo, an award sponsored by Rev Ngamsha Nguruh Biakai and Dr Kiwoh Terrence respectively.

The SDO for Bui personally carried out the honor and asked the Ex students to recommend Pa for his services to merit decoration from the state. This was expected to take place during the 40th anniversary scheduled for Dec this year.

Pa has been sick for a while but this kind of news was not expected. He died this morning around 10 am. He hails from the Great Ndzeendzev Family/compound. Funeral arrangements and details are still on the way.
All the ext students that passed through his hands know his worth, appreciate and miss him from the comments made when his pictures were made online from his decoration. Pa Shall be missed. We hope that the ex students and teachers can give this man a befitting farewell he deserves.

Shey Tatah Sevidzem

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