Paul Biya sneaks into France before public notice to avoid BAS demonstrations

President Paul Biya left the country for France on the invitation of the French President.

Paul Biya will participate with what is referred to an an international conference on HIV/AIDS alongside some of his close aides including Lejeune Mbella Mbella, Mengot Victor , Simon Pierre Bikele , Samuel Mvondo Ayolo and a host of others.

It is now very unfortunate for Biya to now quit and sneak into Europe without public announcement which is caused by the recent demonstrations from BAS (Brigade Anti Sardinards). We are certain that after this conference, Biya might not return immediately as he has always ruled the country from Europe but if the BAS group regroups and are able to give him a horrible stay in France like they did in Swiss, his stay might be short lived again.

The release of Kamto also brought in speculations that he was trying to soften grounds for a would be visit which we have seen happening immediately :

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