PM Yang Philemon in The NWR 6th -10th March

It is official that Prime Minister Yang Philemon, head of Government shall for the second time  take another trip in all the 7 Dvisions of the North West Region in attempt to again seek a last solution to the Anglophone crisis starting from Mezam Division from the 6th to 10th March

PM Cameroon  Pic credit All Afrikan network

Despite the media report that all is well in the Anglophone regions, many still believe that the Government has been unable to crack down the protests taking place in the Anglophone regions. All attempts made to rescue the school and successfully destroy the ghost towns seem futile.

The PM has been commissioned by the head of state to return to his Region to seek lasting solutions to the crisis. The PM will commence his tour on monday the 6th starting from Mezam, followed by Menchum, Boyo, Momo, NgoKetunjia, Donga-Mantung and conclude in his own home division Bui.

It was not clear whether or not he will meet with lawyers’ union but amongst the groups cited in the release are; Teachers’ trade unions, School heads, PTA leaders, Religious & Traditional Rulers and other forces (stakeholders) for a new dialogue.

Anglophones have insistingly called for dialogue with the goverenemt but this has been done under two conditions; the release of all arrested and now the return to internet network.

This means that for an honest and sincere dialogue to take place and for the Anglophones to call off the strike, let schools to start effectively, these two conditions MUST be met for dialogue to open.

Shey Tatah Sevidzem


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