President Biya and his agents extend the cleansing mission in Bui a week more

Kumbo & Jakiri LGAs – Bui County 02-06-21 Following the North West Regional Council that is expected to end tomorrow 03-06-21 where the D.Os and Brigade commanders were invited and a secret security meeting held; more deadly and sophisticated military artilleries have been dispatched to Bui as sign of extending for the 2nd time the cleansing mission of Bui initiated by the NWR Governor Lele L’Afrique and bought over by the Bui Colonial Administration:

The newly acquired deadly and sophisticated armored cars and trucks have been spotted at Ndop in Ngoketunjia on their way to Bui this evening about 15 in number : These have been sent a day ahead when deliberations are still ongoing at the regional assembly expected to end Thursday to decide on a possible extension but action is already being taken as news reaches them of the Bui warriors dismantling of a military Drone at Mbve earlier today, the resistance at Hausa Quarters still in Mbve leaving several neutralized despite the heavy back causing them to abduct civilians for ransom and the surprise attack at the Kumbo water tank that left another military neutralized and several wounded .

The presence of these sophisticated machinery confirms another one week extension of their “operation clean Bui” where they meet with Waterloo from Vekovi, to Sop, from Tadu to Kumbo etc : The days ahead shall be challenging and deadly and civilians are advised to get ready for evacuation: The warriors are in good shape and well prepared to defend and protect the civilian population as always; all they need is our maximum support and collaboration: SM

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