President Biya Paul of Cameroon has also discontinued the case of Kamto Maurice and his militants

Exactly 24 hrs since Biya discontinued the case of 333 out of thousands at the military court, now is the turn of Maurice Kamto arrested close to 8 months ago.

Paul Biya has taken into tweets like Donald Trump to declare his intentions : This comes at the eve of the just ended Major National Dialogue:

He says this is the continuation to seek for peace in Cameroon after calling for the internal dialogue : It should be noted that Kamto and his party boycotted the dialogue and this could show the uninclusiveness of the event as well as the absence of Ambazonians :

The recent picture of Kamto was seen as he stood with some of his team ( Kamto, Eric Kinge , Penda Ekoka and Albert Zongang) Kamto is second from right said to be immediately after the news of the release:

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