President Paul Biya carries another massacre in Mbokam- Jakiri killing at least 11 civilians

Mbokam- Jakiri LGA : From Ngarbuh Massacre to Mbokam Massacre 12-06-20
At least 11 civilians have been massacred and some homes razed down in Mbokam a farming locality in Jakiri Dzekwa LGA, Bui County Southern Cameroons:

We are told these people were rounded up at the market square while going on with their Normal activities : We got intelligence of their planned genocide and reported yet the civilians were trapped as they tried to escape from all exists in vain. They attacked from multiple fronts Including Koutaba and Jakiri.

The world is yet to come in terms with the Ngarbuh massacre and here comes another one women included in Mbokam – Jakiri . Yet we see vehicles of UN parading the region giving the barbaric regime of Paul Biya the go ahead to slaughter civilians like goats : We are now able to get some of the gruesome images as some these Biya terrorists are still shooting indiscriminately with the hope of adding to the already 11 killed :

We urge the world to Stand up now for the freedom of Southern Cameroons and fight as one man just as we stood against the injustices against George Floyd : All lives matter:

Shey Tatah Sevidzem

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