President Paul Biya despite the so called special status keeps appointing SDO’s in the regions.

It is barely 3 days since the so called Major National Dialogue where many thought Biya could respect the Anglophone regions by letting elect their leaders but he has shown that all that transpired at the National dialogue was merely drama and that he is still the one in charge :

For Biya to go ahead to appoint Senior Divisional Officers also in the Anglophone regions is indicative of the fact that the dialogue aimed at squandering tax payers money and deceiving the International Community while he deploys more of his military to completely wipe out the entire people of southern Cameroons as he is doing now:

He has completely appointed and reshuffle at least 5 out of 7 SDO’s in the Northern Zone and about 2 in the southern Zone therefore exposing his ever stubborn attitude of never listening to the people he claims to serve. Not even the insertion of the English language is seen on the decrees : worst of all he is still appointing Francophones to Southern Cameroons

He has surely instructed them to take the war seriously and crush any that stand on the way : The world must know that Biya is not willing to lose the natural resources in southern Cameroons and will not be will to resolve the crisis: He should be put to book to face charges for his crimes against humanity:

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