Press Hour Sunday 06-10-19 on the outcome of the dialogue

Press Hour : 06-10-19

Topic: Discontinuance of criminal proceedings : What message ? 

Anchor: Joe 

Panelists: Martin Nkemngu and Franklin Bayen 

Munzu and Eric Chinje had not arrived by report time before the technical fault from here at 13:18

: Bayen spoke on the release of Kamto and co stating that if the VP is still behind bars, it could mean only those who cases were not yet decided but is that true of Ndoki ? He appreciated the head of state and continued that Biya shamed those who promised hell to Kamto and co: 

Mr Martin Nkemngu said the release of 333 is welcomed but that a clemency be given to Sisiku and Co for them to calm the forces and bring peace : Says they president has the powers and parliament must not be the one to pass the law: 

Second part was on the Major National Dialogue: what Perspective for lasting peace ?

 Bayen started with the fact that the dialogue took place despite the outcome : He said he did not understand what the special status took for: 

He said the forum for him was for what we were already, that decentralization is what we were and many who came were told to keep Federation out of the forum: As such there will be a forum for federalists, maybe the AGC and another for separatists to articulate their stands : He took out an opinion poll by Cardinal Tumi showing that 70% want separation although Joe said it was only a poll: He ahead to lament on arrogant tone, which claims they do not need anyone to interfere in the affairs of Cameroon but the cardinal’s recommendation is that neutral bodies could come in. 

Nkemngu; said it depends on the political will: Quoting on special status borrowed from the experience of Canada would be radical and good: He believes the president will like to leave Cameroon in a better way. 

He was on education commission and came out with that fact that each system should develop separately without interference avoiding one system to swallow another : 

He insists on an old inclusive strategy which needs a cease fire, withdraw military back to the barracks : Then young men and women with guns will know that there is genuine willingness for peace: This will calm tempers; confidence building will be required by bringing a neutral voice : 

It ended on a sad note the dead of Ben Muna

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