Prof. Maurice Kamto is a free man, what a euphoric moment as freedom is as sweet as honey

There is nothing as sweet as freedom even if there is also a saying that freedom does not mean free as one is always in chains: This is true of Maurice Kamto and Co of CRM released today Saturday 05-20-19 from the Cameroon kangaroo military court :

The crowd that followed to the Military court to meet the president Elect Maurice Kamto of Cameroon Renaissance Movement CRM to see and welcome his release was enough proof that Kamto would move ahead to complete his mission as leader of the state of Cameroon ??.

His release might have been welcomed by many and positive but becomes controversial as the same crimes he was accused of are the same President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe leader of the state of Ambazonia was accused of, yet they have not been released. This again is ample proof that there are two countries and one has been colonized by the other and as such justice and independence of Southern Cameroons is the only way forward for peace to fall in place:

We are therefore demanding for the unconditional release of the leaders of Ambazonia and all others arrested in connection to it: Only this and others shall negotiations take place :

Scandy Media analyst

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