Reaching out to southern Cameroons refugees in Nkiri & Anterre

Nkiri- Sardauna LGA Taraba state Nigeria 🇳🇬

About 6 months ago, our Humanitarian team with former Refugee leader Mr. Lawong Fabian visited our female refugees from southern Cameroons suffering at the border village in Nkiri Sardauna LGA in Taraba state Nigeria 🇳🇬:
We met with more than the number expected and ran out of what we visited with (reusable kits/pads and food: We promised to buy and produce more for those that did not receive : Weeks ago we got a donor, an Igbo lady Mrs Francisca Hougaard & husband Mr. Hans Pedersen from Bornholm who supported and Supplied us with 60kits that covered up for those that never collected : We bought some food stuffs and accompanied these kits with, Mr. Rhenie Nyuydzefen supported us with half a bag of rice : Bongfen Glanche & Dan assisted with the logistics while the two monitors on the ground helped with the mobilization & distribution : We want to thank the Pedersen family for this support as well as Nyuydzefen for thinking about our people :

We keep pleading for intervention in this humanitarian need as our people are going through challenging times especially those are the suburbs and borders fighting to survive: We are always at your service to make sure these refugees can smile from your kindness/generosity : SM

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