selective arrest of those that celebrated Southern Cameroons Independence in Kumbo

At least 3 people have been identified and arrested with the homes ramshackle by Cameroon military forces with the help of some individuals pointing homes of people who marched on Southern Cameroons Independence Day especially the one that took place in Kikaikom (k3)

Both International and local media houses had speculated the bad faith about the regime of Cameroon over the dialogue. Some CPDM agents and elites especially from Bui who have been provoked by the outright declaration by all Southern Cameroonians on 1st October have forwarded names of the people they know and saw on the images shared on social media as they celebrate their day.

We are told this exercise will be conducted in all counties in Ambazonia as the indepedence day celebrations were a slap to the Yaounde regime’s face, which proved to the International community what Southern Cameroons wanted.

Scandy Media Intel

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