Some of the resolutions at the Cameroon ?? Major National dialogue to be read Friday the 4th of October 2019

Dr. George Ewane, spokesman for the dialogue in a press conference shortlisted part of the resolutions arrived at by the participants at the congress all by the various committees:

Here are some of the resolutions that will be read read Friday 4th at the end of the Dialogue: 

Post of Government delegates shall be scrapped off giving way to elected local authorities;The return to the house of chiefs, Free education for IDPs and Refugees to catch up for three years lost HTTTC in Buea, The insertion of English in the presidential speech…Some Airports in the North West and South West renovated and operational: Rehabilitation of Ex combatants into the society : The return to the name United Republic of Cameroon ?? , the rotation on the celebration of National Days/Events into regions :

The final report of this will provide more details on the resolutions from the various committees:

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